Thank you to all my clients - here's a selecton of feedback

"Heather was ideal: very clear and patient, and also adaptable to my needs or energy levels. I really recommend her if you want to come away with your confidence built and new navigational skills".  EK - preparing for coast to coast walk.  July 2019

"We were two hours into Heather’s NNAS Silver course when I suddenly realised we were confidently navigating our way around forest paths and using a compass to do it! Heather’s explanations made it all simple. Her manner put us at ease. I was particularly impressed with Heather’s discreet continual monitoring of the group ensuring that each person was understanding the techniques and successfully completing the exercises. An excellent course and an excellent tutor". RM - increasing navigation confidence to lead walks with the ramblers.  June 2019

"I did my NNAS Silver assessment with Heather.  She is one of the best teachers I have come across in many years.  Highly professional, extremely knowledgeable and able to put people at their ease.  Highly recommended".  Trevor S - June 2019

"I did my Lowland Leader assessment with Heather. She is professional but knows how to put people at ease in what can be an anxiety-ridden situation. The assessment was organised and fun. I can thoroughly recommend her services".  P - November 2018

"Took your advice, planned a walk, marked it up on a map then went out and did it. All went well 18km walk. Confirmation your teaching skills are good :)".  Mr F - November 2018

"Thanks, it was a really good session and I learned an awful lot about navigation. Definitely recommend it to anyone who is geographically challenged ☺".  M - navigation workshop January 2018

"Excellent course in an ideal location. Mixture of challenging forest work (including at night) and very pleasant open countryside. Heather is a very good communicator and her teaching background is very evident."  A - November 2017

"It was a great training session. Heather is a great professional and gives you all you need to master navigation. This course is great for people without navigation skill which would like to enjoy hike/walk on their own. On top of this, we were in the Chilterns. Only one hour and half away from London."  Olivier - November 2017

"Heather is an excellent instructor. I've just completed the NNAS Bronze course with her and really enjoyed it. She is extremely knowledgeable about her subject and is clear and precise with her instructions". Mike - November 2018

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