Navigation Workshops

Wild Heather | Navigation
Navigation Workshops

From the basics to improvers.  Training can be taylored to your requirements, here are some suggestions:

setting the map
detemining direction - using map and compass
details along the route
tick off and catching features

We can extending training to cover

more compass work - bearings
map knowledge
contours and land features

All courses will look at access, safety, responsible walkers, planning routes, Countryside Code, leave no trace

Wild Heather | Navigation
Basic navigation walks

Short day workshops to give you the basic skills of maps, scales, direction, timing etc.

Wild Heather | Navigation
Lead walks

Would you like a walk without the stress of worrying about getting lost? Let me arrange a walk for you, just relax and enjoy the view.

Wild Heather | Navigation
Night navigation

Interested in learning about night navigation? These workshops allow you develop the skills to navigate in poor visibility using timings, pacing and compass work.

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